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Bellagio Poker Room Robbery: Police Still Searching For Suspect Nine Months Later

In November, a man wearing a blonde wig and a “white covering” over part of his face approached a cashier’s cage in the casino’s 37-table poker room. He walked right next to ongoing cash games in order to reach the cashier. Armed with a handgun, the suspect stole an “indeterminate amount” of cash, police say. Video footage did not show the man taking chips. The case “remains open and under investigation,” a spokesperson for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said Tuesday.

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Crackdown: Developers Frustrated After Apple Bans Poker, Gambling Apps

Apple Poker Apple makes up about 60 percent of its revenue. Targeting individuals and entrepreneurs seems a bit unfair, but Silver says it is more frustrating because his app offers no way to directly wager or gamble. SnapShove functions as a training and tutorial medium, not as a means to play online. “It more seems unfair that the app is clearly nothing to do with gambling or simulated gambling,” he says. “It’s no different than an app teaching blackjack basic strategy.” As he works to remedy the situation, Silver so far has had no problems with Android devices and is sending his students to his website to access the app. He’s also looking for other solutions to get his app back up on Apple. “I’m currently in the process of incorporating and will have SnapShove back to the App Store as soon as possible,” he says. “I’d like to apologize to any users affected.” Incorporating takes some time and effort, however, certainly a major inconvenience. That could have at least been planned for if Silver had received more notice.

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